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Welcome to World of Homeopathy Health Care at Dr. Kheradia's Clinic

Caring for You and Your Family

At Dr. Kheradia’s clinic Your Health is our priority!

When you visit us you can expect to receive exceptional health care experience from our Expert Homeopathy doctors. We promise to provide you with an homeopathy solutions to reach your health care goals safely and effectively. personalized patient care and unwavering support is what sets Dr. Kheradia’s clinic apart.

Whether you are in Mumbai or anywhere in India or any part of the world, we dedicated to keep you and your entire family healthy and strong each and every day. We strongly believe in Medical excellence every day..

We specialize in comprehensive medical care for individuals, families, pediatric care and others. We’ve built a long standing relationship based on trust – private patients, international patients and corporate businesses feel safe and comfortable in establishing relationships wiht us.

Whatever Your Healthcare Needs We Are Here to Help

Benefits of Homeopathy

I offer professional help to those who need either simple advice or require psychological treatment

Treats The Root Cause

Very effective to give you more lasting results, completely safe and treatment of disease at a much deeper level. Medicines have well proven efficacy.

Mind, Body & Emotions

A person's illness is intimately linked to the individual and their life. For effective healing, you must treat the person as a whole.

Improves Resistance & Immunity

It acts favorably in boosting your immune system and resistance, evident by making you less prone to recurrent infections and allergies.

Dr. Yatrik Kheradia

Healing bodies, transforming lives.
Dr. Yatrik started Dr. Kheradia’s Homoeopathic Clinic in Fort area, Mumbai in the year 2017. By 2020, Dr. Rhutu become the integral part of KHC for providing better healthcare to the people. In the year 2020, KHC expanded it service by starting a physiotherapy centre under the guidance of Dr. Chaitali Gade. She manages 25-35 cases in a week with various musculo-skeletal conditions.

Areas of Expertise

Professional Medical Care in Full Measure

It’s our goal to create a comfortable, safe environment where we’ll work together to achieve your health goals. Homeopathy medicine works on all levels – body, mind and spirit and uses various modalities to conquer health issues. 

  • Primary and  Advance Care   with Homeopathy for male and female disorders
  • Specialized solutions for the Emotionally Distressed
  • Pediatric   Health Care
  • and   many others. 

Meet Our Team

We work to provide the best service and medical care to our dear patients!

Dr Yatrik Kheradia

Dr. Yatrik Kheradia is a Highly Qualified, Young, Dynamic, and Passionate Homoeopathic Physician practicing in South Mumbai

Dr. Rhutu Shah

Dr. Rhutu Shah is a young and ardent homeopath, who is highly professional and accomplished in her respected field.

Dr. Chaitali Gade

Dr. Chaitali Gade s an expert in treatment of conditions such as Back Pain, Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Sciatica, Cervical Spondylosis,

Why Choose Us?

Quality Care

Optimal Health

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Acute and  Chronic  cases solved

Total Experience

In the field of homeopathy  and  other disciplines



I and my son are taking treatment from Dr Yatrik since 2017. My son had allergic Bronchitis
for which he was advised bronchodilators 3-4 times in a day, with many dietary restrictions,
but after his treatment for 6 months he is completely Off his bronchodilators. I was going
through a diffcult time in my marriage and was becoming very aggressive day by day,
sometimes leading to suicidal thoughts. However, things have changed and now I can deal
With the situations in a much calmer way. I am still under his treatment hoping to be healed

32-year-old mother (2023)

I contacted Yatrik when I was going through the worst phase Of my life, he has
helped me heal and lead a better life with his medicines and his comforting talks.
I could never value myself and was easily affected by everyone’s reactions
towards me but after his treatment I have re-discovered myself and now I am
living my second and actual life. I would like to thank his for his innumerable
advises and constant support throughout.

31 yar old female (2023)

I am happy I chose homeopathy treatment for my son who has an allergy and gets cough and cold frequently. I previously used to give him allopathic medication but after some time his cold and cough would again shoot up…. after consulting Dr. Rhutu I have seen a lot of improvement in my son’s allergy issue. She is a very intelligent and calm doctor who is always available for her patients.

44-year-old female, Patient 2021

I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Rhutu when I was undergoing my PCOS treatment. 

She was very professional and quick with her solutions to my problems and very approachable at any time of the day even over calls. 

What I liked about her, was the special attention despite her busy routine. She would make sure that I was just not doing well physically but also mentally. She was always there to hear me out and my problems without any judgment. 

Her medicines worked magically and I used to feel great about taking those pills for a change. 

Once again, thanks a lot for being there

29-year-old female, Patient 2020

Dr. Chaitali is very ‘patient’ with her patients! She gives you enough time to correctly diagnose and treat your pain. She treats everyone with the same empathy and warmth irrespective of age or gender. My mother who was advised a knee replacement surgery can walk and function with minimal pain thanks to her treatment and exercises. I can see tangible results in my back and overall well-being! 100% recommended!

Varsha Shah

I am 86. Back in 2014, I met with an accident in which I had fractures in my leg. I also had heart problems which were created because of the clots post the operation. Despite so many challenges due to Chaitali’s physiotherapy treatment with dedication and her positive attitude, I recovered well. Today I can walk well. Thanks a lot.

Mr. Sankaran